Our program for healthy back and shoulders

The goal of Vinyasa Flow for back and shoulders is to integrate yoga in the prevention and treatment of pain in the back, shoulders and neck. Postural problems can also be effectively treated with yoga. Because yoga is an Indian exercise system that has been tried and tested for thousands of years to bring body and soul into harmony.

Yoga can help you to prevent and treat many medical conditions. The positive effects of yoga have been around for a long time scientifically proven.

After just one exercise session, you can move better and have relaxed shoulders and a pain-reduced back. Many feel relaxed both physically and mentally within a very short time.

In the long run, your body will become more supple and stronger. You will more balanced, allowing you to master your life more positively and relaxed.

Every Tuesday and Friday from 18:30 – 20:00

Steubenstrasse 14, 69121 Heildelberg

You can join at any time!



Teacher: Michael Morsch
Pricing: 16,- EUR p.P./ Card of 10 classes: 140,- EUR
Location: Studio, Steubenstrasse 22-24, 69121 Heidelberg
Registration: Tel./ WhatsApp: +49 (0)171 4509 409 or klick:


E-Mail: info@anahatayogaheidelberg.de

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