What happens in a class with you and your body?

At the beginning of In my lessons, I combine soft, flowing exercises from Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga as well as excerpts from the 5-element form to warm up my students and slowly attune them to the lesson. In the course of the lesson, the postures become  more powerfully and are held for longer, but always adapted to the level of education of the students. The aim of the exercises is flexibility, strength and balance.

My personal fascination with yoga classes is the mediation of physical exercises as meditation in motion.

The anatomically correct execution of the asana is more important than the “perfect” posture, because in the foreground, but the needs and physique of my students.

Of course, a short meditation for attunement, as well as the extensive deep relaxation to end the lesson is included.

It is particularly important to me that my students practice mindfully and without injury. They should understand why they practice an asana (posture) and what benefits it has. For this reason, I take time for questions and explanations in the lessons, especially at the end.

For those who would like to practise at home, I would be happy to give recommendations and instructions for your personal practice after the lesson.

What will change? 

After class:

… you should be able to move better, have a loose, pain-free back and be physically and mentally relaxed.

In the longer term:

… your body will become stronger and more flexible if you practice steadily and carefully. You will be able to approach and master many circumstances / aspects of your life in a more positive and relaxed manner.

Individual lessons

… enable me to respond to your personal issues but also create therapy-related concepts or to develop a sequence with you that is specially tailored to you and your body. You will also receive instructions for your regular personal practice on paper or PDF.

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reinforce experience and learning success. Practice intensively in a group over a weekend or over a week and feel the development of body and mind. In a whole week more happens to you!

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