Anahata Yoga Heidelberg –

Family atmosphere in Heidelberg-Handschuhsheim

The studio has two classrooms with parquet flooring. For summer temperatures both are equipped with air conditioning. In addition there are WC and changing rooms.


  • Yoga mats
  • Bolsters
  • Flat cushions for your knees
  • Blocks
  • Belts

All you should bring is:

  • Loose or stretchy clothes to move comfortably
  • Drinks (Water i.e.)
  • An open heart for new experiences

For your first time:

If you are a newcomer it would be good to come 15 minutes earlier to your first appointment. Then I can give you a short introduction about the teaching system and my style and we can talk about your wishes and expectations concerning yoga.

Curious? Register for a trial lesson:


Studio rules:

A few rules for better cooperation:

  • Please take off your shoes at the door. The studio is barefoot.
  • Leave your bag in the locker room. You can take your valuables with you into the yoga room.
  • Do not wear socks when practicing on the studio mats. If you can not avoid it, put on light socks, dark socks draw stripes on the mats.
  • If you are using a studio mat, spray it here with our cleaner and wipe it off so that the next person can practice on a clean mat.
  • Please no cell phone on the mat. Switch off your cell phone in the studio or completely silently.
  • I ask for silence in the yoga room before class. Give your colleagues the opportunity to arrive calmly.
  • No alcohol and cigarette consumption before the class.
  • Please come on time, ideally 10 minutes before the class.
  • If you should be late, ring the bell, we will let you in. Get prepared quietly and calmly and come in slowly and quietly. Arrive in stillness …

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